Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Area 54

It has taken me a week to write this post because I just don't know what to say about Area 54 to do it justice.  Ki and I spent the whole afternoon there teleporting around each area just dancing non stop.  But what is Area 54?

Well I am told it is a multi media immersive club, the future of clubs in Second Life and in the words of my better half "This is my kind of club"

The music pumping was trance, although being a "pop princess" (apparently), I could not tell you if this was techno, house, electronic... but what I can tell you is, it fits perfectly and I loved it!

This is art meets music meets clubbing meets an amazing experience.  

Follow the teleports to the many art installations and dance your way through each environment.

Turn your sound up and let yourself experience this explosion of music and media.  

I believe standing in these pods will give you a film of all the areas to visit but I didn't stop to see. I think Ki was more likely taking a breather after trying to keep up with me. (I am going to pay for that comment)

I just loved this DJ booth although I am not sure the music I normally play is right for this club....

.... but my dancer was rather sexy

There is even an events stage... well I had to try that out.

This place does come with a warning.
If you are adversely affected by flashing lights and patterns, this place could be dangerous for you.

Sadly there were no DJ's on while we were there but I have joined their facebook page here! so fingers crossed we will get back there when there is an event on. 

Teleport to Area 54

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