Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Lovers Delight

Well I guessed by the name that this was not likely to be a favorite of Ki's and seeing floaty things, toadstools and stylized flowers on landing didn't do anything to change that.  I could tell by the fact he didn't even move forward from the landing point that this was going to be a no for him but well we have to give it a go don't we?

To be honest, I just did not get this place at all.  It is advertised as a medieval theme and some parts of that were really good but there was just way too much going on that didn't need to be there.  Too many gazebos and waterfalls that just didn't give off a nice flow to the place.  The terrain was too flat and open.

I love tree houses so I almost physically dragged Ki over to check it out but I am afraid there was no romance here today. Neither of us were feeling it.

He did like the 2nd Magic off sim though but that is only probably because we have it at home.

The harbour and pirate ship were good but again nothing here said "lovers" or "romance"  to either of us.

Now in case you think my review is unfair and influenced by Ki, I went back alone the next day and wandered round and I stand by all I have said previously but visit yourselves you may think differently.

Teleport to Lovers Delight

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