Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Indigo Aviary

So Wednesday night and I am looking for something to do and decided to visit somewhere that seemed on the surface to not be somewhere that was better with a partner.  I was kind of wrong and could have done with Ki there because I saw a tree house that I want :D

This is a sweet little parcel built as a public park to house the owner's extensive bird collection.  There are dance balls and a nice sim surround and it is beautifully landscaped.

Just a peaceful colourful array of birds and plants for someone looking to spend half an hour sitting quietly with birdsong.

I enjoyed it here and I think I will come back with Ki, at the very least to show him the mesh tree house I would like for home.

Lovely pond from Heart by the way.  I have this in my invent but its too big for my land unless I take away a heap of stuff.

The Tree House

Teleport to Indigo Aviary

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