Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Worlds End Garden

We land underwater here in an atmospheric rose garden with the sound of water and bubbles floating around.  Follow your way around to an arbor and seats and you will find an anywhere door to click.

Walking through the door you are transported to a partially sunken land with wonderful windlight settings. There are decaying, derelict buildings spread around a vast sea with haunting sounds of a lost hamlet.

With plenty of places to sit you can immerse yourself in the peace and tranquility and a lot of the items around are for sale if you click on them with a store located in what appears to have been the main building.
There are "anywhere doors" around too so click on those and be transported to some wondrous places.

I can't take him anywhere!

I think Ki had a call of nature against this tree due to all the water around.

Walking on water is possible here too as you explore all the outposts and ponder what has happened. It draws you in and tugs your imagination into life with possible scenarios of the life lived here and the events that led to it's demise.

Make sure your ambient sound is on and your mind free to wander. We both really enjoyed this place and spent a long time silently reflecting. (over a glass of red of course)

Teleport to Worlds End Garden

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