Thursday, 1 August 2013

Metaigahn Maze

A-maze-ing this was not. I really wasn't going to slate places if at all possible on this blog and was trying to find something nice to say. I can't. This build was ugly, there was nothing welcoming at all on arrival.

The maze was straight walls, made from just prims. There were no clear instructions at all. I found the exit door in about 2 mins flat but it wouldn't open. I cammed around a little, and then found there was a texture giver at the central fountain

I figured out that I had to click 3 pictures on the wall to open the door. Mission accomplished.

The door opened and I walked down into a basement and a letter congratulating me on my achievement. It also said I needed to get out another door. Still no clear instructions. I was bored and left. Total length of visit - less than 10 minutes. If Ki had been with me, that would probably have been 2 minutes or however long it took him to rez once he saw this place.

This build could be so much better with clear instructions at the start, a visually more exciting maze and better textures. The central fountain area could be improved with a nicer fountain and a bench that actually had sits in it.

I am sorry but this is one for the "don't bother" list but if you do want to bother then teleport to Metaighan Maze

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