Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Skye Neist Point

Well a girl has to start somewhere and so I thought the best place was somewhere I love and we are both very familiar with. Studio Skye is one of my favorite places (if not THE favorite) to buy landscaping items and textures. With creations set out over 2 sims, this is a lovely place just to wander through the woods, sit on the beach, paddle in the enchanted pool or gaze from the cliffs.

Anyone who has visited my home parcel knows that I can't resist visiting Studio Skye every time Alex sends out a message that he has popped a new creation on the marketplace but even if you are not thinking of a new purchase I guarantee this is one of the premier sims in SL.

I could sit here all day playing with windlight and getting a totally different experience each time.
Gushing too much? I don't think so. Sometimes I wish Ki and I still had a full sim in SL so I could recreate this place with its streams, rivers, pathways and some wonderful buildings too.

Check out this place. It is an 11/10 from me and I am sure you will be inspired to lose that beach and palm trees and go mesh with a forest!  

The texture store is also on the adjoining sim with at least 5 floors of wonderful high quality textures.

I best hush now or I will give away all the secrets. Ki didn't accompany me on this one. I often sneak over there for some quiet time and when I tell Ki where I have been his first question is usually "What did you buy this time?" Followed by "Where are you going to fit it?"

TP to Skye Neist Point

You can see more pictures and a catalogue of content here http://www.studio-skye.com/

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