Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Tempura Island

Tempura was one of the first places Ki and I visited when we first started in SL. We weren't a couple the first time we went there so I guess you could say it worked some magic on us because look at us now more than 4 years later.

Tempura is set in a beautiful forest with many hidden areas for romance, including a submarine and an underwater garden but the place we are always drawn to is the Grand Ballroom with its opulent beautiful textures.

One side of the sim is a forest of autumn colours. The other side is a summer meadow field of flowers and then a spring forest . With a crystal cave complete with hidden room, a tai chi area, pond and plenty of animations dotted around, this is a sim dedicated to romantic, chilled interludes.

It is often busy but there are so many different areas, it is possible to take your date there, find some peace and, like Ki managed to do, impress the hell out of them. Or was it the other way round?

Teleport to Japan, Tempura Island

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