Thursday, 14 May 2015

Pandora Box Of Dreams

From what I can gather Pandora Box of Dreams is an ever changing environment where the creative people of second life can bring their dreams to life.
When I visited it was Dream 003: The River Dream.

Landing in the sky you are greeted by the dream catcher who offers you a group invite.  If you are a member of the group it allows you to rez which is great for those photographers who wish to use their own poses.

I  just happened to be in a  fairy mood already and used the rezzed items there and here is a collection of my pictures.

On landing follow the sparkle path to the teleport

Teleport to Pandora Box of Dreams

Monday, 11 May 2015


HippiePark is one of the most beautifully landscaped sims I have seen in my recent travels.

My first stop on finding the teleporters which blend in nicely to the terrain, was HippieCamp where you and your friends can hangout around the campfire or cuddle in the cute gypsy caravan. 

I decided to ditch the teleport in favour of using the trails and pulled on my boots for a proper wander after taking a break at the little cafe.

Next stop was flower cove a burst of colour in the centre of a ruin, full of butterflies and another seat to rest my legs. 

Places like this just make me want to dance barefoot.

At HippieChill I find more cute hangout areas.

Gorgeous view when I get to the top with a house to rest your weary head.  Carefully hidden was a small store in the woods too.

Finding these small lodges as I went down the other side made me feel like Goldilocks rather than Cinderella as I took a peek inside and for those who want to play I discovered a game of Greedy too.

This is a really pretty sim for taking pictures or just hanging out in a nice peaceful place.

 I ditched the boots and danced barefoot by myself in the end.

Teleport to HippiePark

Borinquen Zyn

On arrival at Borinquen Zyn you are greeted by a colourful natural setting surrounded by waterfalls. There is a great teleport system which allows you to visit each location the sim has to offer.

First stop is Sunset Cove where I shake off the the bikini and join the group in order to use the sim balls dotted around the sim.

It is an adult sim so there are plenty of areas for intimate fun in The Village. Sadly I am travelling alone so moving on..

The water slide sends me spluttering into the lagoon and once I get my bearings, I find myself on the edge of an underwater world 

More opportunities for romance here with an underwater jaccuzzi but I find a different toy to play with and...

I quickly remember why I need Ki to do all the driving when we go exploring.

But then I find one of my favorite things to do in second life and that is horse riding. 

Setting off around the sim I discover the games room, the events area with dancing, 

orcas and manta rays to ride, sunrise beach, flying dragons, a rainforest, BDSM cave, 

dolphin rides, zipline, bowling alley 

and the most remarkable thing about all this was discovering all this was done using just half a sim.

I enjoyed this place so much I decided to float around while doing my blog post.

Teleport to Borinquen Zyn

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Winter Moon

There are many adjectives to describe Winter Moon but I am going for uniquely quirky.

On landing you make your way around the sim perimetre along various pathways. There are many daybeds for cuddles and photo spots along the route. It is a dark and brooding windlight with the occasional flash of lightening and I say "quirky" because where else do you see a chandelier hanging in the trees?

There are all important dance areas too.

The path makes its way from formal stone, to woodland walks and through the tree canopy before meandering down to the beach.

Here you can find more cuddle spots or just sit alone while you listen to the wildlife or fitting music stream.

Sit around the camp fire before making your way back through the wooded walkway and back into the woodland.

We discovered Winter Moon a few months ago and saved it to our list of places to revisit and I can honestly say I was not disappointed going back today.

Teleport to Winter Moon

Saturday, 9 May 2015

Kinkaku-ji Garden

Kinkaku-ji Garden is a beautifully landscaped and colourful sim, perfect to get away from it all.  I advise using the teleport boards dotted around the sim to visit the numerous locations.

There are many areas where you can sit peacefully, use the tai chi balls or dance. 

Waterfalls with spots to dance.

A sim carriage tour for couples or just alone gives you a chance to see all the temples and gazebos where you can get a massage, take tea or just sit.

There is even a beautiful wedding venue all prepared for that special day 

Teleporting to the snow platform gives you a couples ski tour and many more opportunities to dance, see the wildlife or relax in the buildings.

I recommend a visit to Kinkaku-ji Garden, alone or with company. It is a pretty, relaxing and fun way to while away the hours meditating, taking pictures or even getting married. 

Teleport to Kinkaku-ji Garden

Calypso Dream (Where Hope and Dreams Collide)

It has been so long since I was able to get about exploring and I was really pleased that I hit the jackpot on my first attempt today. 

Calypso Dreams is a private home sim of Manis which she has opened for the public to enjoy and currently appears in the Editors Picks section of the Destination Guide.

It is a pretty and natural sim full of coves, beaches and woodland.
Calypso Dream is very well thought out with areas such as the gentleman's room at the base of the lighthouse for those more mature 
activities, beach areas to sit and relax plus my personal favorite area, the Calypso Caffe where I sat under the banyan trees just camming and listening to the music.  

I thoroughly recommend a visit to this sim.  I will definitely be revisiting soon.

Teleport to Calypso Dream

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