Thursday, 25 July 2013


Ok you got me. I am a fairground/Disney freak.  I was lucky enough to go to Disney in Florida many moons ago and more recently to Disneyland Paris a few times. When I first saw the Destination Guide picture for Discovery, I thought that rings a bell but reading the write up I thought it was going to be a place more suited to Ki than me but once I landed and saw Space Mountain, I took off like a kid trying to get to the ride first. 

"Come experience a land that only Jules Verne and H.G. Wells could dream of. Featuring rides, and shows in a steampunk / dieselpunk theme"   

Space Mountain and Nautilus ride, what more could you ask for!

It really is a fun and interesting place but describing it in too much detail here might spoil all the suprises.  You need to make sure you have flash and quicktime enabled to appreciate all the different parts and wear the hud provided at the entrance to Space Mountain to get the full effect.

The builds were great and totally transported me back to that holiday where the sight of Space Mountain when entering Disney gave you butterflies and turned you into a child again.

The Timekeeper was very interesting and another you need to have your flash enabled to appreciate everything.

I thought the Nautilus ride was very clever but you do need to experience it.  I do not want to spoil anything by going into detail.

Journey to the Centre of the Earth. No queues, just fun.  Mouselook works well with these rides.

Fountain at the park entrance looks great on midnight and don't forget to ride the Orbitron.

I think someone was tired after all the rides...

...but always time for a cuddle.

We both really enjoyed this place. Make sure flash and or quicktime are working, set your media players and have fun. I managed to find a you tube video for you too.

Click here for video of  Discovery

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