Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Grand Canyon

I warn you now, you need hours to fully appreciate all that the Grand Canyon has to offer and we didn't manage to fit it all in so will have to go back.

I might be being picky but when we first landed my initial thought was "I do not like this terrain texture" but having never visited the real Grand Canyon, I can't really comment on how authentic it is. Anyway getting past that, there is so much to see and do here I am just going to give you small snippets, lots of pictures and a you tube video I found. There are 3 sims Grand Canyon, Grand Canyon North and Grand Canyon South, with everything from helicopter rides to bunjee jumping and balloons to motorcycles.

We started off with the couples balloon ride. (Yeah I know, any excuse for a cuddle) This took us on a tour of all the sims and gave us a good overview of what we wanted to try out. 

More about the boats later..

There were lots of secluded spots including campsites, a tree house, raft, swing seats.

An underwater grotto

Handgliding, helicopter rides, ziplines, hovercraft, horseriding and the list goes on.

I had a slight mishap with a beaver's dam but this was a really fun place to spend a good couple of hours exploring and trying out all it has to offer.

We will definitely be going back to try out all of the things we missed.

This you tube vid gives a great oversight from the helicopter of some of the things here Discover the Grand Canyon

and here is your tp to the Grand Canyon

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