Wednesday, 31 July 2013


Ascension is an LEA art project sim. Read more about LEA here: Linden Endowment for the Arts

On arrival you can chose from 4 directions; Beach Club, Sphinx Club, Ultra Club and the Ascension Tower, which is where we started.  The tower is on 7 floors and starting from the bottom on each level you are encouraged to touch, play and interact with objects creating sound and colour.

It is a really good immersive and futuristic environment with a strong sound and musical influence. The colours are bold and the particle effects dramatic. 

You need your volume up high when making music.

I was really taken with this creation.  To me it was a fut
uristic space fountain.
Very cool.

There are three small clubs here too, surrounded by stylised planting and crystals. In the centre is the sphinx with all seeing eyes, watching you as you explore.

I enjoyed this build.  If you are into immersive art and want to interact for a little while, this is a good one to explore.

Teleport to Ascension

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