Saturday, 27 July 2013

Ocho Tango

Well this is a revisit to a sim Ki and I found a while ago pre-blogging and this time I dragged a friend over to get his opinion.  I love sims like this where you can dance anywhere and not just stick to a dancefloor.

So first to the description in the destination guide. "Ocho Tango is a land dedicated to tango, with a milonga for dancing and live concerts. Fully immerse in a pampas, relax or stay with friends and loved ones. A great spot for photos as well."

You have to make sure you use the windlight here because it is very atmospheric and compliments the build perfectly.

 Just check out the differences between the pictures above and below to see what I mean. (Oh and for those who know us, that is me with dark hair dancing with everyone's favorite Aussie, Mr Archie Tatham)

Isn't it amazing what remembering to set your windlight does to add to the atmosphere.

The music stream here was set to a radio station with an Argentine/Cuban/Spanish vibe, perfect for the salsa dances in the intans. There are plenty of areas to call over the danceballs or use the animations dotted around the place

With cuddles, sits and a bike ride for two, it is a very romantic place in my opinion but if you are going to take a straight up aussie with you be prepared for comments like "when wandering around you begin to feel like you are gonna get axe murdered"

This might just be because he got lost in the long pampas grass and saw the lone vulture circling above as the tumbleweed rolled past.
But overall his opinion was that Ocho Tango is "unique and well designed" and I have to agree.

I would have liked to have seen some information on any events held here as to me this is a perfect venue to listen to live performers but I was unable to find any schedule.

The central building offers more places to dance, sit or grab a drink from the bar with free gifts for both male and female avatars. It is highly recommended you call in here.

There are also teleports to a store in the sky which I will have to go back and visit another time.

.. and so I will leave it to Archie to give a final assessment on this beautiful sim dedicated to the sensual dance of Tango...

Archie Tatham: oh and they have a cock
Archie Tatham: always worth pointing out

Archie's cock

Teleport to Ocho Tango

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