Wednesday, 24 July 2013


When you first land at Alirium you seem to be somewhere black with a white beam emanating from the centre of the floor and colourful butterflies which look very good against the black background. Walking towards this you fall down a hole into a store containing landscaping items. Further investigation reveals that the store is disguised inside a giant tree trunk. Clever and effective I thought.

Finding your way outside you become awash with colours and sounds.

I have never been a fan of too many things emitting around me but here the butterflies work well.

The sim is beautifully landscaped with a mix of reality and fantasy that merge really well together. On further inspection the sim covers all 4 seasons as you make your way around.

It appears most, if not all, the trees, grasses and other landscaping items were in the store inside the tree and I am reliably informed by the king of camming with his draw distance whacked up that there was a store higher in the sky too.

Ki was very impressed by the grasses

There are a lot of areas here to sit and ponder and I found it a perfect relaxing place to do just that with the sound of birds and water and beautiful sunbeams.

I like this place a lot.  Ki found it a "little chintzy" (a boy thing maybe) but thought it was very well done.  I would have liked to have seen some dance balls around because to me this is a sim for romance and maybe somewhere to cuddle. I even went back to look again for some because I wanted to add this to my list of top dancing places.

Teleport to Alirium Gardens

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