Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Aero Pines Park - Summer Carnival

All the fun of the fair! It is currently (until the end of August 2013) Carnival time at Aero Pines Park and so we recruited a couple of friends and sent them off for a day of exploring this (currently) 5 region park which is based on Aero Pines Air Park in the Northern California Sierra Foothills. Throughout  the year Aero Pines Park holds many themed events and so off to celebrate summer we go.

There are so many things to do at the Areo Pines Park that I am just going to cover a few.

With a multitude of fairground rides you need plenty of time and lots of candyfloss to get through it all.

I recommend using one of the many rezzers placed about to travel around the regions.  You can pick from jeeps, horses with or without buggies, golf carts, motorcycles, canoes and many more.

It really is a fun way to explore.

Of course no carnival would be complete without the rodeo.

Or make your way to Roxie's Roadhouse to take some time out for a much needed rest or a romantic champagne balloon ride located on the roof.

Can you find the underwater area too?

Jump into the tube and whizz down the waterside.

From rides to beautiful countryside there is something for everyone at Aero Pines Park.  I think the region is changing in September to prepare for autumn so get yourself over there quick and watch this space for updates of new events.

You can find plenty of shopping too for those who want it but no in your face hard sell which suits me fine. The Aero Pines community is welcoming to all ages, role play and avatar choices as long as you stick to the few simple rules: No nudity, weapons, begging, group recruiting or biting and leave other guests out of your role play.  Great place, great fun but you need a few hours to appreciate it and don't forget to go back often to see what new themes appear once the carnival has left town.

Teleport to Aero Pines Park - Summer Carnival

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