Sunday, 25 August 2013


With a promise of being transported to viking times, I was excited to explore Valhal but I have to say, if I wanted to go shopping and not exploring then I would have done.  I was disappointed to find the castle that the sim is centered around was in fact a store housing roleplay clothes.

Well onwards and upwards.. so bypassing the store I flew upwards to a formal garden area set higher up the  castle levels. This was a nice area to sit or maybe dance, had there been a bench or danceballs to do so.

There were more, mostly empty rooms above this level leading on up to the very top tower.

So down to the ground level and here I did find a nice dance area on top of the cliffs overlooking a shipwreck but there was no music set to land so I am out of luck.

Wandering through the forest I come upon what looks like an abandoned settlement. Playing with your windlight works really well on this sim to add to the atmosphere.

Turn up your ambient sound and enjoy the waves crashing on the rocks below the standing stones.

Not to mention the ghostly sounds around the forest at the foot of the castle.

Follow the signs to the Stonehenge Caves for some great photo opportunities of those dangerous seas the vikings faced.  (I really should start dressing appropriately for the sim I am visiting in future).

So my final thoughts on Valhal:  Once I got over my initial annoyance of being forced to land at a store entrance when I had chosen to explore castles and ruins in the Destination Guide, the rest of the sim was a nice build with lots of well thought out areas for role play, photo opportunities and hanging out.  It is a shame there was no working radio stream but that could be a one off and down to many things.  Personally I would have preferred more animations to use in each area but overall I recommend a visit.

Teleport to Vahhal

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