Monday, 26 August 2013

The Secret Garden

I was getting a little fed up of the destination guide and seemed to be finding too many places that were the same so decided to just throw a word into search and see if I could find a hidden gem and I did!

Set on a small mainland parcel, this is a little haven of peace and tranquility with plenty of little areas to sit and relax and listen to the birds and other ambient sounds.

You all know by now I love my little secret spots for chilling and cuddles and although it is a small parcel they manage that really well here.

Float in one of the pools and turn on your music and just let your mind wander.

It was really nice to sit and just relax and I will definitely use this place more often.

It is a perfect spot to take some time out and be alone with your thoughts.  (oops maybe not those thoughts Cind).

Tinkle the ivories..

or take the teleport up to a sky island with tai chi and meditation animations.

I enjoyed this little garden immensely. Great photo opportunities and just right for hanging out alone or with a friend or loved one. If there was one thing I could add to make it perfect, it would be somewhere to dance.
Oh and I almost forgot to mention, they use one of my favorite radio streams Nirvana Meditation.

So what are you waiting for tp to The Secret Garden. I guarantee you won't be disappointed.

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