Saturday, 7 December 2013

A Postcard Christmas

A Postcard Christmas is a wonderful blend of art, fun and activities all set in a magical winter setting.

Arriving in an icy cavern it took a little while to rez but it was well worth the wait as the first piece of art is very dramatic.

Follow the pathway through the ice and find yourself in a winter wonderland where the designer has managed to blend together many of the creations of second life's fabulous builders to bring together a fantasy meets realistic setting perfectly.

Starting with the icy glass house, where you can dance and relax, to numerous small buildings and areas for sitting you can cam about trying to locate all the little hidden extra's this sim has to offer.

You will find a wealth of activities here so make sure you have plenty of time to take it all in.  We spent 2 hours here wandering, dancing, ice skating, sledging and skiing with a special mention the snowman who threw a snowball at my head, (Ki swears it wasn't him)  and an array of animals including the naughty bears destroying a Christmas tree.

There are some fantastic and well chosen pieces of artwork which add to the mix of fun, fantasy and realism which made this one of the best sim's we have visited in while.

Once Ki got the hang of the speed, we took a fun sled ride down the mountain.

It wasn't me!  I was just cleaning it off.

Ok I admit it, he was better at skiing than I was.

 Returning the following day to get some more photographs, I found a horse ride and a balloon ride that we must have missed. I think we will be returning here often just in case there is anything else added....

and of course to dance with Ki and the polar bears.

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