Sunday, 10 May 2015

Winter Moon

There are many adjectives to describe Winter Moon but I am going for uniquely quirky.

On landing you make your way around the sim perimetre along various pathways. There are many daybeds for cuddles and photo spots along the route. It is a dark and brooding windlight with the occasional flash of lightening and I say "quirky" because where else do you see a chandelier hanging in the trees?

There are all important dance areas too.

The path makes its way from formal stone, to woodland walks and through the tree canopy before meandering down to the beach.

Here you can find more cuddle spots or just sit alone while you listen to the wildlife or fitting music stream.

Sit around the camp fire before making your way back through the wooded walkway and back into the woodland.

We discovered Winter Moon a few months ago and saved it to our list of places to revisit and I can honestly say I was not disappointed going back today.

Teleport to Winter Moon

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