Monday, 11 May 2015


HippiePark is one of the most beautifully landscaped sims I have seen in my recent travels.

My first stop on finding the teleporters which blend in nicely to the terrain, was HippieCamp where you and your friends can hangout around the campfire or cuddle in the cute gypsy caravan. 

I decided to ditch the teleport in favour of using the trails and pulled on my boots for a proper wander after taking a break at the little cafe.

Next stop was flower cove a burst of colour in the centre of a ruin, full of butterflies and another seat to rest my legs. 

Places like this just make me want to dance barefoot.

At HippieChill I find more cute hangout areas.

Gorgeous view when I get to the top with a house to rest your weary head.  Carefully hidden was a small store in the woods too.

Finding these small lodges as I went down the other side made me feel like Goldilocks rather than Cinderella as I took a peek inside and for those who want to play I discovered a game of Greedy too.

This is a really pretty sim for taking pictures or just hanging out in a nice peaceful place.

 I ditched the boots and danced barefoot by myself in the end.

Teleport to HippiePark

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