Monday, 11 May 2015

Borinquen Zyn

On arrival at Borinquen Zyn you are greeted by a colourful natural setting surrounded by waterfalls. There is a great teleport system which allows you to visit each location the sim has to offer.

First stop is Sunset Cove where I shake off the the bikini and join the group in order to use the sim balls dotted around the sim.

It is an adult sim so there are plenty of areas for intimate fun in The Village. Sadly I am travelling alone so moving on..

The water slide sends me spluttering into the lagoon and once I get my bearings, I find myself on the edge of an underwater world 

More opportunities for romance here with an underwater jaccuzzi but I find a different toy to play with and...

I quickly remember why I need Ki to do all the driving when we go exploring.

But then I find one of my favorite things to do in second life and that is horse riding. 

Setting off around the sim I discover the games room, the events area with dancing, 

orcas and manta rays to ride, sunrise beach, flying dragons, a rainforest, BDSM cave, 

dolphin rides, zipline, bowling alley 

and the most remarkable thing about all this was discovering all this was done using just half a sim.

I enjoyed this place so much I decided to float around while doing my blog post.

Teleport to Borinquen Zyn

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